Tri-District Paint Stripe Crew

Paint striping roadways is an additional responsibility for commissioners.

Two crewmen from each district make up the team supervised by District 4 Sign Maintenance Foreman Lee Francis.  Together they have painted 310 miles of roads throughout the county since 2022 using the new paint-striping truck purchased in early 2022 for $485,000.

Effective and clear visible road markings are vital for road safety and can last years before having to overspray. The roads not only get a fresh coat of striping but also get reflective glass beads which is important when there is low light, such as during rain, fog activity or at night. 

When headlights hit the pigmented road markings with the glass bead application, it retroreflects to the driver enhancing night-time visibility. The high-performance glass beads make road markings five times brighter than road markings without the beads. 


Paint stripe crew
Paint stripe truck painting yellow lines
  1. Tri-District Paint Stripe Crew

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    18955 S. 4150 RD
    Claremore, OK 74017