Cities and Towns in Rogers County

Rogers County was founded prior to Oklahoma statehood when the Arkansas Band of the Osage Nation settled in the Three Forks area (the junction of the Arkansas River, Grand River and Verdigris River) during the 1760s and established two villages called Pasuga and Pasona in what is now Rogers County. The county was officially founded prior to statehood on January 26, 1907 and was originally named Cooweescoowee. However, residents protested the name and the county was renamed Rogers after Clement (Clem) Vann Rogers, a mixed heritage Cherokee rancher and father of Will Rogers.

Rogers County has consistently been ranked as the fastest growing population in the state. The 2022 United Census Bureau estimated the population of the county to be 98,836. This was a 3.8% increase from 2020 recorded census. The county population is estimated to reach over 100,000 with the consideration of the 3.8% increase every two years. Rogers County consists of a total area of 711 square miles - 675 square miles is land, and 36 square miles is water.

Rogers County Courthouse