About Addressing (Address Application Download)

Addressing is a critically important to 911 and the county's emergency responders. While addressing is a function most people never think about, a street address is the best and quickest way for and emergency responder to find a house or business during an emergency.

The addressing staff have many responsibilities, below is an example of a few:

1. Assigns street addresses to new and existing residential and commercial properties.

2. Maintains a countywide single address database, which is not only used by Public Safety Communications, but by all departments in the county.

3. Coordinates with each municipality to ensure consistency of addressing data countywide.

4. Reviews and approves all subdivision and street names to ensure that there are no duplicates within the county

5. Corrects addressing errors that are found by emergency responders or 911 communicators, and works with Departments, the municipalities and property owners to ensure addresses and streets are properly posted.