Rogers County Assessor
Scott Marsh

Downloadable Forms:

I. Business Personal Forms
   a) Business Personal Form #901
b) Replacement Cost Less Normal Depcreciation 904-1. Sch 3-A
     c) Original Cost Trending Factors & Depreciation Scale
    d) Economic Life Depreciation Table
II. Farm Personal
   a) Farm Personal Rendition Form
III. Homestead Exemption
     a)Homestead Exemption Form
IV. Informal Protest of Assessed Value
   a) Informal Protest Form
   b) Section 2876 of Oklahoma State Law
V. Manufactured Housing
   a) Manufactured Housing Rendition Form
VI. Tax Exemption Applications
   a) Ad Valorem Tax Exemption (Charitable-988)
   b) Ad Valorem Tax Exemption (Religious-987)
VII. Individual Income Tax Forms
   a) Form 538-S (Ok. Claim for Credit or Refund of Sales Tax)
    b) Form 538-H (Ok. Claim for Credit of Refund of Property Tax)
VIII. Storm Shelter Form
   a) Storm Shelter Exemption Application
IX. Address Changes
   a) Address Change Application

X. Natural Disaster Form