Rogers County District 3 Commissioner
Ron Burrows

Helpful Information for District 3 Residents



Reporting Road Problems: Call the District 3 Office at 918-341-2380.


Culvert Installation

             A culvert is a drain or pipe that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail, or similar obstruction. Most homes have culverts running underneath their driveway. If you are having drainage issues you may need to have your culvert cleaned out or replaced. This is a service provided to you by the county and funded by your tax dollars.


Culverts can be concrete, galvanized steel, aluminum, or a plastic high density polyethylene. The standard FEMA approved culvert size is a minimum of 12” in diameter and 20’ in length for the typical home. Driveways with heavy traffic, large or oversized loads should have a larger and/or longer culvert. Appropriate allowances for drainage should always be a primary consideration also.  If the culverts on either side of the property are larger, you should install a similar size to maintain drainage constancy.

To install or replace a culvert you are responsible for purchasing the appropriate size and grade for your property needs.  Culverts range in price according to size and material. Single- walled galvanized aluminum is the least expensive and least durable. Double walled smooth steel is the most durable and most expensive. Double walled plastic with corrugated outer wall and smooth inner wall is a reasonable midpoint.


When you have purchased the culvert, call the District 3 office. We will create a work order, pick the culvert up from the retailer and install it with necessary gravel. Allow two to three weeks for installation. There is no charge to the homeowner for the installation service.


Water Drainage Issues:

If you have a problem with flooding or other situations caused by excessive water  please call the District 3 office. We can re-dig your ditches, clean out the culvert or evaluate if there are any other available solutions the county can provide. There is no charge to the homeowner for this service.



If you need fill dirt call the District 3 office. You will be put on a list to receive a load of dirt when it becomes available. This is landfill/construction grade dirt and will probably contain rocks, trash and/or other debris. We must be able to reach you when a load is available or it will go to the next name on the list. The waiting list can be very long or short, depending on the current county projects. There is no charge to the homeowner for this service.


Solid Waste Disposal Program:


District 3 residents only, this is a year-round program offered to District 3 residents.  The goal is to provide a service for residents of District 3 while reducing the amount of rural dumping along county roads.  The Solid Waste Disposal Program is funded by a combination of tax revenues, grant funding and income received from our Metal Recycling Program.  Your help is essential in maintaining both of these programs.  Please provide your driver’s license showing your address is located within Rogers County District 3. This is a service for District 3 residents only, not commercial operations.  Removal of items from dumpsters is strictly prohibited. Please call 918-341-2380 to verify hours and days per location.


District 3 Solid Waste Program locations:

Claremore: 2425 S. Warehouse Road  

Inola: 17614 E. 589 Road

Catoosa: 204 N. Shawnee Street

We gladly accept:

Furniture ~  Mattresses ~  Carpeting ~  Home remodeling debris ~  Large household items regular trash service won’t pick up ~  Appliances with refrigerants or CFCs removed ~  Car & light truck tires with rims removed ~  Yard & tree brush.


We DO NOT and CAN NOT accept:

Household garbage ~  Paint ~  Batteries ~  Caustic chemicals ~  Oil ~  Dead animals ~  Truck/tractor tires ~  Caustic or hazardous materials of any kind ~  Materials containing asbestos ~  Cylinders or other containers of compressed gas ~  Containers with oil, gasoline, diesel fuel or hydrocarbons ~ Other problematic products.


We invite your questions and comments. Keep up to date with the Solid Waste Disposal Program and other county issues through: 

1. District 3 office: 918-341-2380 Monday - Friday (7am -3:30pm)
2. Email:

3. Facebook: Rogers Co. Commissioner D-3

4. Rogers County Courthouse 918-923-4798
5. Sign up for the free county EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM on the county website: